My Expertise

BBH : 日本語話者のバイオコミュニティ

Boston Biotech Hub (BBH) is a community network that helps Japanese-speaking individuals in Boston’s life science ecosystem.  

To join BBH, connect to me on LinkedIn so that we invite you to our online closed group.

WEST : STEM分野の女性支援

WEST (Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology) is Non profit organization offers comprehensive workshops, panels, and learning sessions with topics like career advancement, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial mindsets. Aiko is a volunteer and is in charge of fundraising.

B-LEAP : バイリンガル女性として米国でのキャリアディベロップメント支援

B-LEAP (Be/Boston Leading · Empowering · Aspiring · Professionals) is a Japanese+English bilingual community in Boston. As one of the co-founders of B-LEAP, Aiko hosted events and workshops.

CEN : CVCネットワークin Boston

CEN (Corporate Entrepreneurship Network) is a corporate venture capital community located in Kendall Square, Cambridge Massachusetts led by Prof. Val Livada at MIT. Aiko is a volunteer and is in charge of Website, Communication and Partnership.

VC University

VC University is an online certificate course created by UC Berkeley Law, NVCA (The National Venture Capital Association) and Venture Forward. Aiko belongs to a closed community to which only alumni have access, exchanging information and networking with other capitalists from around the world.

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