Ryan & Aiko

Aiko 愛子








Ryan was born and raised in Colorado, but his education and later work experiences have allowed for him to move from CO > AL > NJ > to most recently MA, where he has been living since 2013 working as a research scientist for MIT. Ryan met Aiko in 2018, and they have been happily living together since in Somerville, MA.

Ryan and Aiko have many things in common, for instance… both of them are Mechanical Engineers in training. Both of them left a PhD program with their masters degrees. More importantly, both of them enjoy good beers (New England IPAs!) and great food from all over the world.

Ryan especially enjoys traveling internationally with Aiko. In the last 2 years, the two of them have traveled to Peru, Japan, UK, and Iceland, with many other trips planned in the near future (hopefully the world recovers from COVID-19 quickly!).