Aiko is Rice Girl

If you eat rice as much as we do, chances are you probably have a dedicated rice cooker at home. If you are serious about your rice, like Aiko, chances are you have a high-quality Japanese brand rice cooker; for example, a Zojirushi or a Tiger brand.

When I first met Aiko, she was using a Tiger JAX-T10U-K rice cooker. It’s a nice, high quality product, producing a nice and tasty rice. However, such a traditional rice cooker takes approximately 45-60 minutes to cook rice, which means that you need to plan ahead if you would like to eat rice any particular day.

Enter: Instant Pot. I introduced Aiko to the Instant Pot, an inexpensive electric pressure cooker for cooking meats, vegetables, soups, stews, rice, etc. The Instant Pot can make delicious tasty rice in approximately 15-20 minutes total, a fraction of the time compared to the dedicated Tiger product.

The result? Aiko’s Tiger rice cooker has been wrapped up and put into storage in the basement after her Instant Pot revelation. Now, we can make rice at any time, on demand, without having to plan, when the Rice Girl requires it the most.

When the time hits L0:10 Aiko will eat all of the rice.

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